the holy trinity

jesus fuck

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marksalling Me and my boy @edwestwick str8t thuggin. #lollapalooza we’re coming to you @rjmelman @rpmitalianchi!

marksalling Me and my boy @edwestwick str8t thuggin. #lollapalooza we’re coming to you @rjmelman @rpmitalianchi!

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if u ever feel like u have no potential just remember that leorio paladiknight was considered the weakest out of the 4 and never had any real one-on-one combat for almost the entire anime until he punched one of the most important and famous hunters in the face and almost became chairman

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people who don’t get excited about tv shows make me uncomfortable

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literally me

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"why haven’t you gone to visit Gon?"  

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Leyendo Marauder!Crack… todas esas memorias felices son las que absorbían los dementores cuando Sirius estaba en Azkaban… ahora no puedo dejar de leer pensando en eso y es terrible ;^;

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#I was reading this to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling SO attacked right now #Harry Potter #Marauders #marauders era #remus lupin #sirius black #remus/sirius #sirius/remus #marauders crack 


you can see her accent

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was this movie even real

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